Welcome to the #GrowingStrongTogether websites, which was created to support Mental Health Awareness Month in Forest and Warren Counties. The site and the effort were created in conjunction with Systems of Care and other entities focused on providing more information on Human Services. Our goal is to address the stigmas related to mental health and help people feel comfortable with sharing their experiences and seeking treatment for their challenges. If we function well as a group, we are truly stronger together.


May is national “Mental Health Awareness Month”. In conjunction with Systems of Care, Forest/Warren Human Services, and Forest/Warren Mental Wellness Association, Forest and Warren Counties are celebrating the month with our #growingstrongtogether initiative. This initiative encompasses several events and project which are meant to build awareness around mental health during the month of May.


“Build a Tree” Project

Students, businesses, and other organizations are creating tree installations with stories about mental health. Towards the end of the month, pictures will be taken of the trees and they’ll be collected and displayed at the Warren Public Library during our Mental Health Symposium on May 31st.

Poster Design & Writing Contest

Students Forest and Warren Counties will submit poster designs and written stories in support of Mental health Awareness Month and earn a chance to randomly win prizes (including $50 gift certificates. This will give them an opportunity to share their stories and express their experiences with mental health issues and services.

Mental Health Awareness Month Facebook profile frame

We’ve also created a Facebook profile frame for you to temporarily alter your profile pic to show your support for Mental Health Awareness Month. Please like and share the frame, as well as the Forest/Warren Human Services Facebook page, which will be a growing hub for human services related information.

Mental Health Symposium

On Thursday, May 31st, at the Warren Public Library, the Systems of Care will be staging a “Mental Health Symposium” in order to build awareness around Human Services and Mental Health. There will be snacks, video presentations about mental health, speakers sharing stories, displays from providers with info on services in the community, and a collection of materials from the various projects during the month for public display.


Please feel free to contact Systems of Care as well as Forest/Warren Human Services about this initiative. Please use the form below or contact the following:

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston  |  (814) 706-8343  |  jeff.eggleston@warren-county.net

Adam McNeil  |  Executive Director, Forest/Warren Mental Wellness Association  |  (814) 817.1400 ext.1643  |  amcneill@fwmwa.org